If you need information from an airport or a flight arriving or departing at an airport in the Spanish geography here are the free – phone customer AENA so you do not have to call 902 numbers which cost invoice.

On this website you will find both free numbers that identify that begin with 900 or 800, and also find national fixed numbers beginning with 91, 93, 95, or any other national prefix and are only free in case we have called such unlimited numbers.

Telephone Customer AENA

The information phone 913211000. You have the possibility of being treated in Castilian or English.

In this phone you can provide information on flight schedules and any questions that may be answered by Customer AENA.

Consultation flights at airports AENA

If you need information from a flight, schedules, terminal departure or arrival or any other information concerning shipment you can call indicated above, but you can also get the information directly from the flight search that is available on the website of www.aena.es

From there you can see all the airlines operating at a particular airport duty free shops existing in each of the terminals of Spanish airports sorted by category.

Likewise you can also get practical information on how to arrive, either by public transport or by private car. Accesses, parkings long and short DURATION.

Vip rooms AENA

At airports in Madrid, Barcelona, Palma, Malaga, Alicante, Tenerife, Ibiza, Lanzarote, Valencia, Seville and Bilbao, Aena has VIP lounges with complementary services to those offered to other travelers.

These services include, meeting area, playground, catering, free wifi and access to newspapers and magazines among others. You can purchase access to these rooms for an amount is around € 20 per person.