You can contact both with the commercial department of Abengoa or shareholder information via free phones available on this website, and all this without dialing 902 or 901 numbers.

When we talk about free phones we refer both to 900 numbers and to all landlines as in the case of phones offered by Abengoa and which is free to call if we make the call from a number with flat rate for these calls.

Contact Customer Information Abengoa

If you are interested in contacting the sales department of Abengoa you can do so by calling 9549370 00 .

This same phone also serves to contact your communications department as well as information to shareholders and investors .

You can also communicate by sending emails to:

Investors :

Communication :

Commercial :

Abengoa‘s headquarters are located in the Street Solar Energy No. 1, 41014 Seville .

Abengoa business areas

Abengoa is a company that operates in the field of renewable energy and especially solar energy projects, which has great experience after developing projects not only in Spain but in different continents.

Abengoa are aware that you have to change the model of energy production to contribute to a more sustainable planet primarily on us to make a rapid transition to renewable energy to achieve slow the process of global warming that today seems unstoppable.

For this innovative companies that contribute to make profitable the development of solar energy are needed. In Spain already it reached grid parity, that is, is already cheaper to produce energy from renewable channels not by burning fossil fuels so any investment in renewables is little to get our country is becoming less dependent on the energy from the outside in the form of hydrocarbons and in turn generate employment in construction, development and maintenance of large solar infrastructures such as those produced by Abengoa.