Traffic accidents are unavoidable and are often beyond our control.
In order to be fully prepared in case it happens, it is good to always have at hand the telephone number of assistance so that a crane comes to pick up our car, either in case of accident or breakdown.
Find out how to contact ✅ the Mapfre Crane telephone number.

Call the phone of the Mapfre Crane

Mapfre is one of the companies specialized in the insurance sector that offers the best service to its customers.
It has different insurance policies for both drivers of cars and motorcycles.
Both their high number of customers, as well as the many years of experience they have at their splendor as a company, are reasons to trust them.
If you want to do so, you must first contact Mapfre’s roadside assistance service and follow their instructions.

Free Mapfre Crane phone?

Mapfre has a specific telephone number to deal with requests related to roadside assistance.
This number is 902448844, and it is not free.

Ordering a Mapfre tow truck over the Internet

If the telephone option does not work for you, you can also contact Mapfre through other channels, especially those related to the Internet.
On the Mapfre website, you can access the different contact forms depending on whether your query is at a private or business level.
You can also send them comments, requests or complaints about their service, as well as contact their social networks: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube and Linkedin.




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