The company offers several free customer service numbers for all its customers. If you need to contact the telephone operator you can do so by calling the following numbers.

Within the tough competition that exists within the telecommunications sector, Telefónica has always wanted to differentiate itself from its competitors through excellent customer service and for this reason it does not hesitate to make available to its users several free 900 numbers or others equally free for calls from its operators’ numbers in order to provide a quality service, fast and free for its customers. By telephone, landline phone will answer your questions.

Contact Telefónica Customer Service

Here you can find the numbers that Telefónica makes available to its users. If you need to contact a customer service representative, you can do so by calling one of the following landlines.

  • From the telephone number 1004, the company offers a general customer service.
  • The number 900120900 is exclusive for companies, freelancers, and SMEs.
  • Telefónica’s breakdown telephone number. If you have had a breakdown at home or in your company and need a technical service to solve it, you can call the number 1002.

All these numbers will not have an extra charge on the bill as long as the calls are made from a Movistar terminal. If you do not know the price of calls to additional cost numbers, you can always check with your current operator. Numbers starting with 900 will be free regardless of the operator from which we make the call. In addition, all these numbers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The most consulted about Telefónica

  • Telephone breakdowns Telephone
  • Recruitment
  • Telefonica telephone
  • Change of rates
  • Invoices and payments
  • Telephone technical service and breakdowns
  • Complaints
  • Telephone support telephone

Other telephone information numbers

From the shareholder service number, you can consult everything related to the company’s shares. Your investors can contact your customer service department by dialing 900111004. Shareholder service hours are from 9 am to 7 pm. There is another line available for claims or cabin breakdowns at number 900127127.

Telefónica, in its efforts to provide better customer service, has set up, in addition to these toll-free numbers mentioned above, a Telefónica user defense service. This body tries to be an independent entity from Telefónica’s commercial lines and its main mission is to deal objectively with any complaints or claims that users may lodge with the company, whether they are due to poor quality of service, breach of contract, billing, collection, or any other matter that may arise in the commercial relationship with the brand.

More information about the company

Telefónica is the name of the main telecommunications company founded in Spain in 1924 and which currently includes a group of telecommunications companies from which you can get their free telephone number for commercial or customer service on this same page.

Telefónica’s conglomerate of companies is currently the fifth largest telecommunications group in the world. In Spain a few years ago it ceased to operate under the name of telefónica (which has been left only at the institutional and business level) and became the trademark of Movistar. Telefónica currently operates in more than 20 countries, mainly in Latin America and Europe.

Its main markets are Spanish, English through its subsidiary O2 and Brazil through Vivo, without forgetting the important presence in many Spanish-speaking countries. The group is currently chaired by César Alierta, who governs the company with approximately 110,000 employees.

You can contact the company through the internet, social networks and consult offers, promotions, rates, consumption, ADSL, fiber, series, football and more.



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