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From here you can contact Evo Banco’s Hotline to talk to their customer service department.
Consult all the doubts that you have related to the company by telephone.

EVO Bank Toll-Free Telephone

EVO Banco, offers its customers intelligent services through its online banking, facilitating agility, convenience, and security.
It also has a network of physical offices where you are received with professionalism and commitment to feel confident.

EVO Banco Customer Service

Contact Evo Banco by telephone from the toll-free numbers of its main offices.

  • Toll-Free Evo Bank: 910900900
  • Madrid, Serrano 45, contact: 915866035
  • Bizkaia, (Bilbao) Alameda Urquijo 25, contact: 944430088
  • Sevilla, Av. S. Fco, Javier, 1, Contact through 954660611
  • Barcelona, Pl. Tetuan, 19 contacts through 932652621
  • Valencia, Pl. Ayuntamiento, 26. Contact through: 963529517

For the convenience and attention of its customers, Banco Evo has joined forces with Uber, offering 15 euros to spend with Uber anywhere in the country, whether or not they are a customer.
Just by registering your EVO cards you will be able to enjoy the service, promotion valid for a period of time established between the two companies.
Thousands of Affiliate Customers recommend it, currently has a number of customers of 936,000.
Consequently, in its quest to innovate every day, among them, has a mobile application to download, having quick access where users can find information on the location of ATMs and nearest branches of Banco Evo.
This bank has its headquarters located in Madrid, Spain Banco Evo, manages everything for its customers, through its products as intelligent current accounts, offering savings advantages, commission advantages, two accounts connected to each other, merged intelligently.

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