Europ Assistance freephone

Contact Europ Assistance’s telephone number for the requestor management of everything related to your travel insurance.
The insurance company has several customer service lines for all its customers.
You can contact us by calling the telephone numbers indicated in the article.
Complaints, renewals, payments, and invoices, reporting the insurance, etc.

Freephone Europ Assistance

Contact the Europ Assistance telephones, always using the one that adapts to your requirement.

902197791 Telephone for product information and management
902158585 Telephone assistance in Spain
+34915149900 Telephone for calls from abroad

Europ Assistance Customer Service

Since 1977 Europ Assistance has positioned itself in Spain as a leader in the travel assistance sector. Over the years, its leadership in the sector has increased, adapting to the needs of each of its clients.
The insurance company works hand in hand with internationally recognized companies, as is the case of Icare; it has also acquired already consolidated companies with the intention of expanding its catalog of services.

Europ Assistance Services

Europ Assistance’s services are related to the coverage of people in the fields of travel, road, health, and family.
Each of these coverages includes:

Travel Assistance

These are specialized services that provide support and advice on health indicators in at-risk cities, as well as luggage location, cancellation insurance, online claims, rental insurance and management of mobile applications.

This coverage is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Roadside Assistance

Europ Assistance’s roadside assistance offers the attention of both the driver and passengers and goes beyond the vehicle.
Care Services provides protection for people and the car.
This coverage includes assistance in the event of accidents, breakdowns, theft, loss of keys, fire, among others, for you to travel safely.
Europ Assistance’s response is quick and personalized when an event takes place.

Health care

Europ Assistance offers a set of customized health solutions, covering prevention, management of medical expenses, remote support for the elderly, telemedicine for emergencies and medical surveillance, treatment of chronic illnesses, special disability services, home care for dependent persons.
This service is provided under new technologies, which ensure timely and quality care.


This is one of the new services provided by Europ Assistance, which provides personalized assistance for any type of eventuality that may affect your life on a continuous or sporadic basis.
It offers child care, private classes, lost keys, support and home assistance for dependent persons or elderly, repair of boilers and large appliances, and legal advice is also included.

Each of these services focuses on family and home care.

Contact Europ Assistance on the web and Social Networks

You can contact each of the above services by going to the Europ Assistance website.

New features and special promotions of Europ Assistance coverages are shown first on social networks.
All you have to do is access their social profiles:

Facebook Europ Assistance
Twitter Europ Assistance





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