If you need to locate the Endesa Freephone number, you can do so by calling the telephone number indicated in our article.

Do you need Endesa’s telephone number?

From here you can contact the company from one of its customer service telephone numbers. You may need to contact their claims department, breakdowns, registrations and cancellations, new contracts or services for SMEs and the self-employed. The company is currently owned by Italy’s Enel.

Contact Endesa Customer Service

Endesa has a customer service department that you can contact the Endesa customer service telephone number by calling the number we give you in our article. You can also contact the customer service department from the company’s website below.

  • 900 85 08 40 will deal with breakdowns and problems in Andalusia and Extremadura.
  • In Aragon, it will be necessary to dial 900 84 89 00
  • For the Balearic Islands, you will have to dial 900 84 99 00
  • In the Canary Islands, you will be attended to on 900 85 58 85
  • If the breakdown or incident occurs in Catalonia dial 800 76 07 06

The most consulted in Endesa

  • A customer service telephone number for individuals and companies
  • Change of owner, domiciliation, contract
  • Complaints
  • Endesa Breakdown Telephone
  • Recruitment
  • Endesa Toll-Free
  • Calls from outside Spain

All of these Endesa Technical Support telephone numbers are free of charge, so you won’t have to pay any additional cost when you call them to solve your problems.

Contact Endesa Hogares

Endesa has a telephone line to contact its Endesa Hogares department.
If you are aware of any incidents or breakdowns you can call the number provided at the end of the article.

  • If you are in Andalusia or Extremadura you should contact 900 850 840.
  • For Aragon, the telephone number is 900 848 900.
  • If the breakdown has taken place in the Balearic Islands you must dial 900 849 900.
  • For the Canary Islands contact us on 900 855 885.
  • In Catalonia, the number of Endesa Hogares is 800 760 706.

How to pay an Endesa bill by phone?

To pay a bill by phone, you must call the Endesa customer service number.
Remember that once the invoice is issued, you have 20 days to pay it.
If for any reason you have forgotten to pay a bill, the fastest method is online payment.
You can also pay your bill online without being registered with Endesa online.

Endesa Empresas Customer Service Number

If you have a business and need to locate the Endesa Empresas telephone number. The number you should call if you want to contact the department specializing in business, companies and the self-employed is 800 760 266. This is the only phone contact you will be able to access if you are a Company.

Contact the Endesa Faults Hotline

It is a free telephone number for all companies, SMEs and the self-employed who require it. can contact the company free of charge 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
You can call to answer any questions you may have about the company.

Other ways to contact Endesa

From the company’s website you can also access more information about any questions, you may have. Endesa online to manage electricity and gas bills conveniently.