The Italian Embassy in Madrid is the official body responsible for maintaining and promoting bilateral relations between Italy and Spain.
You will then have all the necessary telephone numbers available for you to contact the Italian Embassy without any problem.
Today, the Italian Ambassador to Spain is Stefano Sannino.
If you need to contact an embassy here you can find the free phone numbers and other ways to contact us.
You can contact the embassy from the contact telephone number we give you or from the embassy’s own website.

The telephone of the Italian Embassy in Madrid

The Italian Embassy in Madrid is located at 98 Lagasca Street.
You can contact her on 91 423 33 00.
The Italian Embassy is organized in several offices, each of which has a telephone number, an e-mail and a fax number to contact them.
First of all, the Ambassador’s office can be reached by telephone on 91 423 33 00, or by e-mail on
To contact the administrative office dial 91 423 33 00, or send an e-mail to
To contact the Office for Consular, Judicial and School Coordination dial 91 423 33 00. The Cultural Office has a telephone number available on 91 423 33 12.

If you need to talk to the Press Office, please contact 91 423 33 12, or write your e-mail to
Finally, we leave you with the contact details of the Economic and Commercial Office, which you can contact whenever you need it by calling 91 423 33 26, or by sending an e-mail to

For your part, you may want to contact the Italian Institute of Culture in Madrid.
To do so, please call 91 547 52 05.
You can also write an e-mail to

Telephones of other organizations

In addition to the Embassy in Madrid, Italy has two Consulates in Madrid and Barcelona and in 23 Spanish towns.
Below you will find their contact details, but they are special rates:

The location and means of contacting the 23 honorary consulates belonging to the Italian consular network that operate in as many Spanish towns can be found on the website.

The Italian Embassy website is available for all types of inquiries.