The Embassy of Chile in Madrid is responsible for the development and maintenance of diplomatic relations between Chile and Spain.
Relations between Chile and our country are characterized by a high level of understanding and agreement in the political, economic-commercial, national defence, cultural, consular and cooperation fields.
The current Chilean Ambassador to Spain is Mr. Francisco Marambio Vial.
Below you will find all the most complete information about this diplomatic institution, as well as the different telephone numbers of the Chilean Embassy in Spain and the rest of the Chilean Consulates that provide assistance to citizens in our country.

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Contact now with the Embassy of Chile in Madrid

The Embassy of Chile in Madrid is located at c/ Lagasca 88, 6 plantes.
You can contact her by phone: 91 431 91 60, accessing the website of the Embassy of Chile or sending an e-mail to
If you have to obtain a Visa or Visa to enter Chile, you must do so at the Consulate General of Chile in Madrid, located at c/ Rafael Calvo; 18 – 5° D -Telephones 91 319 07 63.
The hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 14:00 hrs.
How to obtain a Visa to enter Chile?
There are several types of visas to enter Chile: Tourism, Work, Study or Temporary Residence.
In each case the requirements and the documentation required for its issuance are different, so the Consulate will inform you of all this.
To begin your application you must enter the website of the Consulate General of Chile in Madrid.

Free telephone numbers of other citizen service organizations

In addition to the Embassy in Madrid, Chile has other Consulates in Spain. They are as follows: