El Mundo ✅ is a daily newspaper that was born in Spain in 1989.
The founders were Pedro J. Ramírez, Alfonso de Salas, and Juan González.
Based in Madrid, it currently has a paper edition and a digital edition. If you would like to contact the reader service on the El Mundo telephone, you can do so easily thanks to the information provided below.

Contact telephone numbers for El Mundo


The World has two formats; however, the means of contact are unified. In addition to the possibility of contacting us via the free El Mundo telephone number, you will also find a contact form or an e-mail address to access the different departments.
The El Mundo reader service telephone number is 910 505 957.
You can also contact us by fax, available by dialing 914 436 751.
Thanks to this fax you will be able to send all the necessary documentation to make a subscription, send an advertisement or anything else you need.
This phone has the rate of a local call.

Complementary information about El Mundo


Currently, contact resources have been digitized.
On the one hand, you will be able to opt for 20% discount subscriptions for students and university professors and on the other hand, you will be able to make discounts from ten users on each subscription.
To do this, you can send a postal mail to Unidad Editorial S.A. whenever you want to access the online newspaper.
You can do this by sending an email to internet@elmundo.es.
This is a generic email so you can easily access all services.

Other media for El Mundo


However, El Mundo’s specialized customer service email address is attcliente@unidadeditorial.es (or clienteelmundo@unidadedditorial.es).
The latter is used to make the monthly subscription, especially for universities that wish to subscribe for their faculty and students or for companies.
You can also send all kinds of technical queries using the form found in the contact section of the page. To access digital subscriptions, you can do it the first month for 0.99€, and from the second month for 4.99€ per month.
The purchase can be made both on the telephone provided and through the El Mundo website.