In the following lines, you can consult the contact details of the free eDreams customer service telephone number, one of the largest online travel booking portals in Spain.
Here we give you his free phone number so you can call us if you need to make a reservation or make a query.

Find the eDreams phone

Edreams is an online portal where you can make reservations for travel, hotels, flights and even hire holiday packages that include flights and hotels, transfers or travel by train or car.
Through its website, you can compare the best offers that match the search criteria you have entered in the search engine such as the date of travel, destination, people who will travel and if you only want a flight, a hotel or a pack.
It is possible that at some point you may need to contact eDreams to find out the information about your reservation or to change it and cancel it if a problem arises.
That’s why we provided you with eDreams phones to talk to their customer service department.

Call the eDreams toll-free number now

If you want to call eDreams customer service you have several phones to call.
If you need to make a reservation and you don’t know how, you can call 90200000012 where an agent from their sales department will be available to talk to about their offers and help you book your hotel, flight or add a suitcase if necessary.

To cancel a flight that we already have booked, we can always contact you by phone on 9028877107 (remember that you will be asked for your reservation code and credit card).
You can also use this number if you want to change any flight you have with one of the companies that Edreams works with or discuss any issue related to the travel of pets on the flight, passengers with reduced mobility, flight delays or children traveling alone.
In any case, it is always advisable to consult the conditions under which changes and cancellations can be made as this is not always possible.

These phones provided by eDreams are not free: they have an associated cost that depends on the operator you have contracted, so you should be informed before making the call.

Edreams and its online customer service

As is logical, Edreams also offers a wide range of services to its users through its website.
Here you can check the status of your reservation, request an invoice for our expenses, check flight schedules or the details and services available at the hotel where you are staying.
Without a doubt, Edreams has a wide range of services available, from hotels and flights to cruises all over the world and if you have any questions or queries about its services we can always contact its customer service.




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