Customer and business information Dvuelta

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Uses your fines Dvuelta

First, from the website Dvuelta , you have the option, only entering your ID and registration of your car, if you have any outstanding fines. Once you verify that indeed has been sanctioned, you can go to a form where you can check instantly if you’re on deadline for an appeal and being able to deliver whole or in part the payment thereof.

If you decide to hire the services of Dvuelta you can do so by calling any of the phones that we have indicated above or also from the form you have to use on your website.

The fines can be appealed are those related to speeding, drunk driving, parking, talking on mobile, seat belts or if it is a professional, problems arising from the transport card, overloads, parking lots and many more cases.

There are several types of contracts that consider the full protection with coverage of resources and agencies and replacement vehicles and moreover, there is a specific service for transport companies extending guarantees for other countries in the European Union.

Dvuelta on the blog you’ll be the last in terms of radars and new rules on traffic offenses are concerned.