Dragados freephone

Dragados Telephone

We have in this post the Dragados Telephone so that you can contact their customer service to inform you of what you need.

You’re in luck.

This large scale construction company has been in existence for more than 70 years and already has subsidiaries all over the world.

Find out more about their infrastructure projects, their plans for the construction of railways, bridges and other residential buildings.

Dragados Free Phone

To contact their customer service, simply dial the following contact number.

This is a fixed-line, so the best way to call is via another fixed-line.

This way, the call will be at zero cost.

But if you prefer to call via a mobile phone, you can do so as long as your flat rate covers calls to national landlines.

Then, the call will also be free.


Dragados Customer Service

Accessing Dragados information by phone is easy if you call one of these contact numbers.

Furthermore, as you belong to the ACS Group, you can be sure that you will have all the information you need to undertake projects and resolve any doubts about one that is going to be executed or is being executed.

But the telephone is not the only way for you to contact them.

They also have a website, which you can explore to see what information they have.

They also have an e-mail address where you can present your case in detail and social networks so that you can follow their steps at all times.


Dragados constructions

Many people think that when we talk about a construction company, they are only in charge of erecting buildings and houses, for the citizens or administrations.

But the truth is that Dragados, which belongs to the ACS group, covers many constructions that are also spread all over the world.

Excavation and installation of tunnels
Construction of dams
All types of roads, especially highways
Large buildings like bridges
Various buildings, from houses to large warehouses, including hotel and business buildings
Survey of seaports in different parts of the world
Railway tracks for normal trains, but also for high-speed trains
Environment: This is one of the biggest commitments that Dragados has to the inhabitants of the cities. By using sustainable resources, they can respect the environment and continue to offer the best of their facilities


Links that interest you

To contact the construction company Dragados, of the ACS group, you only have to contact by phone or fax, of which we leave you above.

But if you prefer other methods of contact, remember that you have other ways.

For example, you have this official website, to obtain information about their constructions.

An e-mail to be able to request information in a more detailed way.

And of course, the social networks. Activate the notifications to receive updates from Dragados.

Dragados Website
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Linkedin Dragados







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