Free Phone DNI

Here you will find the telephone number of the ✅ DNI ✅ where you can make an appointment.
To renew your DNI, to request the emission of the document for the first time, or for loss or robbery, you can call the telephone number that we indicate to him to request an appointment.

Telephone to request Appointment DNI, Free Telephone DNI

Here you will find the free telephone number to renew your DNI, as well as for the first time to obtain it in Spain.

Appointment to renew your DNI

If you want to start the process of obtaining your pension or Social Security benefits through the National Social Security Institute (INSS) and you don’t know where to start, don’t worry, in this article you can find the telephone number you should call to make an appointment for your DNI.

If you are calling from Spain, you can call 060.
From the same number, you can make an appointment in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Alicante, Zaragoza, etc.
From anywhere in Spain, you can make an appointment by calling the number indicated below.

This telephone number is a general information number for the Administration and can be used to make inquiries about scholarships, calls for competitive examinations as well as practically any subject related to the General Administration of the State.

Most consulted

  • Renew your DNI without previous appointment
  • Telephone to renew DNI
  • Request an appointment for your DNI
  • Necessary documentation
  • Fees and costs
  • Loss or theft

Appointment DNI telephone

From the same number that we indicate you it is also possible to request the previous appointment for the Passport.
One of these queries is the request for a prior appointment for the renewal of the National Identity Document.
The call to the number 060 is not totally free but some operators bill it as if we were making a local call.
If we want to know the rates of this call to 060 we can consult it with our telephone operator.

Anyway, we should not worry because the call will have a low amount because unlike what happens with other information numbers, the administration does not get financial gain from calls made to this number 060.

How much does it cost to renew the DNI?

We are going to offer you the updated rates for 2018.
Whether it is a first issue or a renewal due to deterioration, loss, theft or expiration, the amount of the fee is 12 euros for all renewals made this year.
In 2017 the fee was €10.60.

Other ways to get an appointment to renew your DNI

Apart from being able to call by telephone of the previous appointment of the DNI to the number 060 as we have indicated above, there is another way to ask for the previous appointment that is realizing the management by the Internet.
Accessing the police website.
Online we can comfortably obtain an appointment by choosing the day and time that best suits us.
You can also renew your passport from the previous link.

Nevertheless, we recommend the telephone to renew the DNI as a faster and more effective method.
The renewal of the DNI is indispensable, and when you ask for an appointment you will get quick attention.
If the previous appointment is to get your DNI for the first time, the telephone number we offer you is also valid.