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Here we offer you the alternative number to 902 that you can use in your communications with Direct Seguros. Contact us for the free phone and solve all your doubts.

Direct Insurance Customer Service Number

Do you need to contact the direct insurance company? have you had any incidents, claims, questions or queries? Here you will be able to locate the phone 91 to talk to the company and solve all your problems.
Thanks to the telephone numbers of car insurance companies, you will be able to solve your doubts.

More information about the insurance company

Direct Seguros is one of the leading Spanish insurance companies in terms of direct insurance.
It was founded by a major banking company and AXA insurance company, and finally, the latter acquired full ownership of the company and is now the sole owner of the company.
Its activity is mainly focused on automobile and motorcycle insurance, and it was initially marketed almost exclusively by a call.
The Direct Seguros customer service telephone number is 91837 8735.

After a few years and with the massive implementation of online platforms by practically most of the companies, they started marketing via the web and occasionally some of their policies can also be taken out in certain shopping centers and large supermarkets.

Their offer has very low rates due to the cost savings that the lack of physical offices means for them.
This means that any communication with the company regarding contracts, policies, receipts, direct debits, and coverage must be made by e-mail or telephone.

One of their biggest claims is the possibility for the insured to call Direct Seguros through any of the free telephone numbers we offer and to inform them about the processing of a repair part.
They will pick up the vehicle at your home and arrange for delivery back to you once the car is properly repaired.

It is an innovative service that sooner or later will be incorporated by the rest of the insurance companies since the market tendency is to provide a complete service to the insured person who does not have to worry about anything, only specifies the date on which the vehicle will be picked up and wait for the completed repair notice.

Contact for Direct Insurance Customers

There is no toll-free number for our vehicle insurance with Direct Seguros.
The free telephone number for Direct Seguros members is 902 400 800, which is a toll-free number. From here we can apply for our new policy with the company.

Since they are solely engaged in ensuring vehicles, we cannot apply for other services such as the home or health insurance.
If you want one of these, you have to go to the AXA Group, to which Direct belongs.

Among the best policies available to us are third party and comprehensive insurance.
We can request one for our car or our motorcycle. In addition, when contracting the policy we can obtain discounts and other additional services in workshops.
We will also enjoy special conditions if we ensure more than one vehicle, be it a motorcycle or a car.

And the same thing will happen if we bring another client into the company.
If you want to contact the Direct Insurance number, we have other options through which we can do it.
Here you can find the official portal that you can access for free to know all the necessary documentation and find all the information you need.

Direct Insurance Towing and Roadside Assistance Service

Another of the services that have been highly demanded by motorists is travel assistance and having the confidence that a crane will take us free of charge to the destination of our choice.
Whether we had the accident with a motorcycle or a car.
You may also be interested in the telephone number of Axa Seguros, the leading company in the sector.

It is a matter of great concern that we may have a breakdown when we hit the road and are left stranded unassisted and exposed to the fact that any crane service we may need will cost us a million dollars.

Now with Direct Seguros, this will not happen because by calling the free telephone 900 300 100 you will have at your disposal a roadside assistance service even if you have had the mishap far from Madrid or your home or just a few meters from your home.

Other ways to contact the insurance company

Many companies offer the possibility of contacting and resolving questions fairly quickly in their social network profiles.
For faster response, we recommend Direct Insurance free phone. You can check the website and access their profiles on Facebook and Twitter for more information.