The DGT ✅ , Directorate General of Traffic, is an autonomous body but reports to the Ministry of the Interior. Its task is to implement Spanish road policy.
It has 50 Provincial Traffic Headquarters, one in each province, a Local Traffic Headquarters in Ceuta and another in Melilla, as well as 14 Local Traffic Offices located in as many Spanish municipalities.
You may need to contact this public service for different reasons, so below, we show you the phone number of the DGT.

What is DGT’s telephone number?

DGT is the leading road safety body in Spain.
Among its responsibilities, without a doubt, the main one is to improve traffic safety and thus reduce accident rates throughout the territory.
They seek to spread the culture of road safety among both institutions and users.

They guarantee direct and fluid communication with the different parties involved in guaranteeing road safety.
They are well known for their advertising campaigns, which always want to be shocking and show the different effects that traffic accidents have on those involved and the consequences for their families.
If you are looking for DGT’s free telephone number, please note that it does not exist as such. If you want to contact this body you should call 060, check with your operator the cost of the call, as it is not always the same.

Other DGT telephone numbers

In addition to the number we have shown you in the previous section, the DGT has two other telephone numbers that you should know.
One is the Automated Complaints Treatment Centre, on 902 508 686, and the other is the Road Information Centre, on 011.
Also, check with your operator the cost of calling these two numbers.

Contact the DGT’s electronic headquarters

I’m sure you’ll find it interesting to know that through the DGT website you can get more interesting information.
It is true that since it is a public body it does not have a DGT customer service.
But you will be able to make different arrangements through its website.
Within its section Procedures and fines, you will find a section called Presentation of papers and communications, where it is possible to present different documents addressed to the DGT.
In order to use this service, you need a valid electronic ID or certificate.
Now you know several options for contacting the DGT.


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