Deusto Bilbao Health Centre freephone

 Deusto Bilbao Health Centre   Telephone

Find out about the specialists in the center by calling the Deusto Health Centre telephone number in Bilbao.
There, you will be able to make all the consultations you need to take care of your health, always counting on professionals of the sector.
You will be able to find out about the specialists, the health school for citizens, the training for professionals and the medical services they offer to keep you healthy and strong.

Deusto Bilbao Health Centre Freephone

To be able to talk to professionals and make an appointment to meet them and be part of their big family, you have to call them by phone.
It is a 900 number, for general information, but also, you have some fixed numbers, so that also the call is free.

The telephone of the Deusto Health Centre in Bilbao 900203050
Customer Service 945018000
If you are calling from abroad 00 34 945018000

If you want to talk to an agent at this health center, you have to call from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 17:30.
In summer, until 14:30.

Customer Service Deusto Health Centre Bilbao

If you want information about the services offered to citizens of Bilbao and to those who come from outside and need specialized attention, you only have to call the contact number.
But if you prefer, they also have other forms of contact that can come in handy to get the information you need with their website and social networks.
In addition, you can request specific information if you need it, through an email.

Services offered by the Deusto Health Centre

You can find services for both citizens and professionals who want to continue their training, so it is a center that cares about taking care of their patients and that a qualified staff does.

Colon cancer prevention programs
Bladder Cancer Prevention
Breast cancer prevention training
Special Chronik ON program, where they train the staff and information about how to take several chronic diseases at the same time.
Workshops are given by Patient Life
Information on different health associations
Specialized health training
Training is health specialties
Study of diagnosis through information about the different symptoms
Management of your own health portfolio
Ask for an appointment at the nearest center
Control of appointments and medical reports via mobile phone
Pharmacy Finder System
Management of wills

Other forms of contact Deusto Health Centre Bilbao

If what you want is information to be able to take care of your health, through what the Deusto Bilbao Health Centre can offer you, you can achieve it, thanks to its various functions that help citizens, whether they are patients or professionals.
Call the telephone number we have left you or if you prefer, contact them through other links.

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