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Degiro is the trade name of “Degiro BV”, a Dutch brokerage company founded in 2008, with its registered office and offices in Amsterdam.
It is the wholesale broker for private investors, offering an online investment platform for all types of investors, enabling its clients to invest worldwide at significantly lower rates.

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Degiro’s headquarters are located at Rembrandt Tower – 9th floor, 1096 HA (Amsterdam-The Netherlands).
To contact this company in Spain, call Degiro’s customer service number 911239678.
Customer service hours are Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 22:00 hours. You can also send an email to

Information about Degiro

In 2013 Degiro opened its doors to private investors in the Netherlands and has since expanded into 18 European countries.
This has enabled retail investors across Europe to benefit from the extremely competitive commission structure.
As a result, Degiro has quickly become one of Europe’s leading brokers.
With Degiro, everyone can invest globally.
Until now, it was normally only possible to invest in bo exchanges in the United States.
Through a single platform, Degiro gives all investors access to exchanges and products from all over the world.
This means that individual investors can diversify their wealth much better. Through Degiro, European investors are connected to global markets.
Degiro adapts perfectly to the needs of the investor who trades online.
From Degiro’s web platform you can access your portfolio, view real-time quotes, market news, and place a wide variety of orders.
It is complete and easy to use.

Degiro also has available to its clients the App “DEGIRO-Invest in Stocks” which has received very positive ratings, allowing investors to invest easily and quickly wherever they are.

Degiro’s online services

Invest globally with Degiro and you’ll have access to more than 60 markets in 30 different countries.
Find all available bags by opening the “Products and Bags” tab on the Degiro homepage.
Access information on “Stocks”, “Bonds”, “Options”, “Futures” and “CFDs”.