FreePhone Correos Express

From the following toll-free number you can contact the sales and customer service department for all necessary queries.

Free phone Correos Express

Express Mail Telephone: 913277020
Commercial information telephone: 902122333

More than 2,300 Express post offices available throughout Spain.

Looking for the Correos or Correos Express Phone?

Shipping with Correos Express
One of the most important parcels and shipping companies in our country.
This is Correos Express, the logistics company with which we can send and receive packages throughout the country at very competitive prices.

Correos Express Toll-Free Number

The shipping company has different modalities depending on the time of delivery, you can choose deliveries from 1 to 3 days, including urgent shipping services in 24 hours.

Correos Express Rates and shipments

You can find the Express Post rates for national and international packages on the company’s website in full detail.
Check the status of a package sent, download invoices, claims, etc..

EquiPaq 24

It is the service of delivery and collection of suitcases in all Spain. They have a flat rate at a good price.

Pack 10

It’s the plan to send overnight. Our shipments can arrive the next day before 10:00h.

Pack 14

Same operation as Paq10 but delivery is made at 14:00h

Paq 24

It’s the fastest plan, if you need a 24-hour delivery it’s the right one.

Service Paq Company 14

Shipment plan specialized in business-to-business. They are delivered from 14h. It is an exclusive plan for companies.

ePaq 24 Service

Company-Particular Shipments

Web Correos Express

The website of Correos Express allows us to locate our package and know its situation at all times.
It also gives us a lot of information about prices, tariffs, types of shipping and much more.
From the same web page of the company, you can contact several forms for free, calculate the price of your shipment, access information on rates for companies.
Social networks are another option for direct and free consultations.
You can access the company’s main accounts on its social networks Facebook and Twitter.