What are the prices of each of them, what are their call and internet limitations? If you have questioned any of these questions, you must call the Pepephone customer service telephone number provided on this page.

If you are already a Pepephone customer and you want to resolve any questions or concerns about your contracted rate, termination, roaming or any other service that the company offers or has charged you more on your bill, stop looking elsewhere.

Talk to Pepephone Customer Care

If you are a customer and want to answer these questions or any other questions regarding your mobile phone line, you should contact Pepephone customer service below to get help more quickly.

Many times we are aware of a flaw in our bill or we don’t expect to spend as much as it tells us and we want to know where that overspending has come from. Other times we want to change the rate because it fits better with the new needs we have to spend more or less on internet or calls. As a plus, Pepephone offers internet at home without a landline phone.

To do this, simply call the toll-free number 1212 as long as the call is made from a Pepephone number. If your query or incident is related to their ADSL services, a toll-free number has been enabled from numbers of the same company. This phone is 1214 and its cost will always be zero as long as you call from a Pepephone number.

Under principles of transparency and marketing policies that are not at all aggressive as other companies in the sector can be, the company is framed as a unique company within its segment. Their philosophy is to offer a quality service and for this reason, for example, they offer these free telephone numbers to attend all their customers without any cost as long as they do so from a Pepephone phone.

Rates, Adsl and Pepephone offers

If you need to locate information about the rates and offers offered by the Pepephone operator here you can find more information. The company’s rates are widely accepted by the company’s customers. It is one of the companies that generate more opinion in social networks.

Here you can find the company’s telephone numbers and other forms of contact. Not having its own network, Pepephone uses Movistar’s telecommunications infrastructure, which they call the best network in the country. This is why it offers very good coverage. On the technical side, you can rest assured and enjoy very competitive rates.

Apart from the mobile phone services in which they offer various rates that adjust to the needs of their customers according to the number of calls and their duration and the use of the Internet from their phones, they also offer ADSL and roaming which can be contracted from the phone listed above. Although the best way to get in touch with Pepephone is through its toll-free numbers, you also have the possibility of contacting us by email and social networks, although it is easier to communicate via telephone in pepephone customer service.

More information about the company

It was founded under Movistar’s networks and was subsequently acquired by the MÁSMÓVIL Group in April 2016. With the high rates that many of today’s phone companies have, Pepephone is imposing with its competitive prices, so many people are interested in it.


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