Whether you are a customer or you want rate information, here you will find the free lowi phone number for you to contact customer service or the sales department without spending a single euro on calls.

Phone Lowi

By calling 1456, you will be given all the information you need to register a new line with lowi.es. The lowi.es brand is owned by the Vodafone group and has its headquarters at Avenida de América 115 in Madrid.

Talk to Lowi Customer Care

Customer service hours for the brand’s operators are from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. from Monday to Sunday. The peculiarity of lowi over other telecommunication providers is that you can openly configure your tariff according to your needs and you will have the megas not consumed in the current month available in the following month so you can accumulate a large number of megabytes for a specific month in which you need them.

The rates are very competitive since for 6€ we can count on a 1g of data and calls to 0 cents only paying the establishment of the call. From their website, we have the possibility to buy free mobiles at very competitive prices. Information on available mobile phones is also available via the free customer service telephone number listed above. The registration process with lowi.es is very simple.

If you already have a free smartphone you can easily register including your bank account and your credit card details. In less than 3 days you will have received the new SIM card at home and you can start enjoying your new line without any kind of permanence. If you come from another phone company you should know that the portability will start the moment you receive the SIM card either at home or at the post office, and from that moment on and in less than 48 hours the portability will have been produced and you will be a lowi customer.

Lowi call rates and mobile internet

At Lowi.es you only have one type of rate. You can choose the internet megabytes starting from 1Gb and each additional 200mb you hire will add 1€ to the rate until you reach 5gb.



Contact Lowi at the toll free number
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