Now we show you several Iberia customer service numbers from where you can contact the airline. For questions about reservations, flights, cancellations, reservations, fares, help or any other question regarding the airline, please call 913-7427 45. To buy tickets and contact Serviberia you can dial 9138943 57.

In addition, with the aim of building customer loyalty, it has created the Iberia Plus card with many advantages. There is a gold, classic, platinum 91, foreign, infinite card…. by calling the Iberia toll-free number you will get more information.

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Need to locate Iberia’s telephone number?

From the company’s Internet portal we can make any kind of management related to our reservations. Once you have purchased your ticket, we can check your flight information at any time to see if you are still maintaining your departure and arrival times.

We can also obtain all the information about the luggage. Measurements and kilos allowed in hand luggage, cabin luggage and checked baggage.

If we are going to travel with our pet or any type of musical instrument that has to receive special attention as luggage for its fragility or care for certain animals we will also have all the information on the website Iberia.

Thanks to our locator we will be able to check in online or self-checking, as well as print the tickets which will speed up the check-in process on arrival at the airport. If you are traveling with someone, we recommend that you choose the seats in advance so that you don’t have to have a separate seat.

If we are a frequent user of flights with Iberia, perhaps you will compensate us for obtaining the Iberia Oro card and start to accumulate points thanks to Iberia plus with which we can have significant discounts on future flights with the renewed fleet of aircraft whether you are a user of the air bridge between Madrid and Barcelona or if you are a user of other routes. Speak to Iberia Plus customer service and get your loyalty card.

Call the Iberia Plus and Iberia Express telephone numbers

Iberia Plus is a loyalty program for airline users. Discounts and free flights are available through the points. On the other hand, Iberia Express will inform you about low-cost flights. It’s the most economical way to fly to your destination.

More information about Iberia

Iberia is the first Spanish airline and leader in many international routes, especially those that connect the peninsula with many Latin American countries.

It is a company almost 90 years old whose most relevant fact in recent years is its merger with the British Airways. This made it a much more competitive company as a result of the synergies achieved after the merger.

The resulting airline is one of the largest in the world operating flights to all 5 continents and is a leader in the union of Europe with North America and Latin America. Iberia has undergone important changes in all respects, both in its personnel and in its corporate image, which have been completely renewed.

They have managed to move from the losses of a few years ago to profits in this last year and finally, a climate of less labor conflict is being achieved, which has done so much damage to the company’s image with the feared strikes, especially during holiday periods.

The company has always been characterized by a high level of customer service, which can be felt from the moment we pick up the telephone and contact Iberia’s customer service department. There we will be happy to answer all our questions and doubts about reservations, fares, timetables or cancellations.

Other ways to contact the airline

The company has several contact lines to serve all its customers from abroad. You can consult all the numbers from here or by accessing the company’s website. Below are some of Iberia’s international telephone numbers. In Iberia customer service telephone you can ask for information.

  • Colombia (0057)15087515
  • Chile (0056)227609128
  • Argentina
  • Germany
  • Bogota