If you are a member of Cofares and want to communicate with any of their support departments partner or to order here you will find all your phones classified by departments and business line.

Cofares has several lines with numbers 902. Calls to these numbers have a cost that will be reflected on your phone bill. We also offer some alternative phone and landlines offered by Cofares whose call cost will be free in case we have flat rate calls to landlines.

Call phones Cofares Partner

Corporate Phone Service Partner: 902889977

General Care (Cofares answers): 902522999. Alternatively Call 913307900

Phone orders: 902533111

Pharmacy Services: 902456804

Customer Cifarma: 902100740

Phones that relate below correspond to national fixed and therefore your call may be free if you have flat rate.
Cofares Foundation: 912137823
Training Cofares: 912137819
Cofares Chemicals: 917408700

If you are a member and want to communicate in writing you can make them corporativo@cofares.es

Cooperative orders Pharmaceutical COFARES

This cooperative Pharmaceutical is the absolute leader in the Spanish market in terms of distribution of medicines to pharmacies.

It is not only made up of more than 10,000 network pharmacies but also distributes drugs and all kinds of items offered by pharmacies to 6000 more pharmacies.

Members have access to the widest range of products that also have a period of very low shipment. If you need financing for your purchases you only need to sign up online credit section and check all conditions. The same can also do so by downloading the app Credits Section which you can download to operate from your smartphone.

In the Services section you will find not only drugs but also all those elements which you need in your pharmacy.