Here you will find free phones for both affiliated and non – affiliated union CCOO. If you want to join one of the largest unions in Spain you can call one of the numbers that we propose and fill in the membership form . When we talk about free phones must differentiate between numbers without cost , such as those beginning with 900 or 800 unlike the Special Charges or 902 numbers that do have a cost which can inform your telephone company, and moreover we have fixed numbers will be free only call them when we hired a flat fee for unlimited calls to landlines.

Telephones Customer service CCOO

Below are the telephone numbers of the regional offices of Comisiones Obreras . 

  • Andalusia.         955683087
  • Madrid.              912800652
  • Catalonia.          933885957
  • Castilla y León.  983801900

How to join CCOO

If you want to join the trade union with the largest membership of Spain, just enter your website in the affiliate section. You can also get in touch with any of the phones of territorial sections and they indicate how you can affiliate and start being part of this great organization of workers. The monthly fees vary between a reduced rate Super 2 € for people with no income or that they are less than the Minimum Insertion Income, and then are increasing in terms of annual revenues to reach  11,50 € per month for income exceeding 235% minimum wage. On the other hand there is a fee militant who is 15 € per month voluntary and is intended to offset the lower fees. Remember that whether you are staff working for public administration, as if you are self – employed or employed person, you have the doors open to join Comisiones Obreras.