Free Phone CatSalut

The Catalan Health Service provides care to the citizen of ✅ CatSalut ✅ in the areas of primary care, local clinics, community care services, sexual health, and emergencies.
This public body can be contacted by telephone, e-mail or online appointment.

Toll-Free Appointment CatSalut

We inform you about all these resources that CatSalut makes available to you to contact the Catalan health service.

The telephone of previous appointment CatSalut

There is a CatSalut citizen service number that is common to the entire Catalan Country.
It is 061.
This telephone works every day of the year, 24 hours a day.
It is a service of attention and consultations but not of emergencies.
From this phone, you can find out how to make an appointment online.
The programming of visits can be requested thanks to the telephone of the previous appointment of CatSalut is 933268901.
In addition to these means, there are other possibilities in the event that you choose a primary care provider in which case you will be able to call directly if you have the telephone number of the health centre.

Other ways to contact CatSalut citizen care

To make an appointment at CatSalut you must enter the CatSalut virtual community.
To do so, you must identify yourself (CIP) using your health care.
From here you will be able to consult, request and modify appointments as well as make all the necessary complementary procedures.
The Generalitat also has an online chat for all citizens who have doubts about this procedure.
Of course, you can also choose to request information via 061, which we have already talked about on another occasion.
We guarantee that you will love it.
You can also contact CatSalut at
The central address is Travessera de les Corts,131,159.
There is one last way to request a visit to CatSalut.

This is the mobile application of the same name.
It is very intuitive and will save the user’s health care data so that the whole process can be carried out automatically.