This organization is in charge of facilitating all the electronic procedures for the Catalan Administration.
Below we explain ✅ Catcert’s phones so that you can contact them if you have any technical problems.
An organization whose final objective is the modernization of the Public Administration in this Autonomous Community.

Catcert’s toll-free number

This organization has several communication channels, with the aim of resolving technical questions to those users who want to relate telematically with the Catalan Public Administration.
The Catcert toll-free number is 93 272 25 01.
This number is free on your bill as long as you make the call from another landline.
Most operators include calls to other landlines at no additional cost. This telephone number helps us to contact the Catcert Customer Service Centre, where we can ask technical questions related to the operation of the service.
This number and contact formula are part of the options offered by the Open Administration Consortium of Catalonia. An entity that includes what is commonly known as Catcert.
Therefore, at these telephone numbers, you will receive attention on how digital certificates work, technical problems, doubts and conflicts during installation, and other issues related to this type of certification.

Other ways to contact Catcert

Apart from the telephone, the Open Administration Consortium of Catalonia also offers the possibility of contacting Catcert’s customer service through its website.
Here we will find various options, after having clicked on the tabs with the text “Contact”.
The first of these allows us to contact Catcert customer service on a generic basis.
To do this, you must choose your profile. That is, you must inform the system if you are a citizen, an administration or a company.
Depending on the type selected, you will be provided with a series of redirections and new forms to fill in.
The needs for contact and services related to open administration are different, depending on the profile. For example, in the case of companies, you will need to click on the program or certificate you are having problems with later.

Generic form and social networks

As the above process can be complex, there is one last, simpler online formula for contacting Catcert customer service.
You can open an online petition on the website of the Open Administration Consortium of Catalonia, explaining the service that is causing you conflict, your email address and other contact details.
From this point, you can also view the status of a technical request you have previously made.
This service is open every day of the year (except public holidays) and runs from eight in the morning to five in the afternoon.




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