If you need to contact ✅ Caser Seguros free phone immediately, here you will be able to locate it.

Do you need to contact Caser Seguros?

You can talk to their customer service department and solve any doubts you may have with the insurance company.
Caser Seguros is an insurance company with more than 70 years of life. It was born offering coverage products to the Farmers Association in 1942 and since then, they have grown and expanded throughout Spain and already have coverage in various areas, from dental to death, pets or life, among many others.

Caser Seguros telephone number

Here you can find the numbers you can call to contact the insurer. Caser Seguros’ telephone number is 915955000.
This is the company’s customer service number which will be free if you call at a flat rate. Add that this phone number has other equivalents.
On the one hand, you can contact at 935029500, with similar rates to the previous one.

More contact phones with Caser

On the other hand, the company has many other telephone numbers for users and customers.
This is the case for those who want information on home insurance to contact 902366505.
We will also highlight two important telephones that the company makes available to the public.
They are related to car insurance the first, whose number is 902011111, and on the other hand life insurance, for which you have to call 902211919.
These three numbers that we have shown you in this paragraph are not free, as they start with 902.

Address of the Caser Seguros offices

We are now going to find out about other ways to contact Caser Seguros customer service.
For example, by approaching their central offices, at Avenida de Burgos, number 109, with Postal Code 28050 in Madrid.

Contact customer service online Caser Seguros

Finally, you can contact Caser Seguros online. Mainly we have the simplest option through their website.
When you enter it, you will find the option at the bottom left of the screen.
Access to find the form you have to fill in, the various telephone numbers or the list of offices located throughout Spain.

Finally, we find other forms of contact through applications for mobile devices both in Google Play and the App Store.
You can download them on your phone.
We can also interact with the company on their social networks.
You can do it from their Facebook page, their Twitter account, their Linkedin profile or their YouTube channel.




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