Consult any aspect referring to rates, package tracking, shipping, collections, office locator or anything else related to postal delivery in Spain. We also show you other ways to contact the Post Office by phone or via the web.

Contact with Post Office Customer Service

Below we offer you the free Customer Service telephone number so that you can save on your communications with the Spanish postal company.
The Post Office Customer Service number 900 400 004.

They will help you to solve doubts about bureaufax, registered letters, administrative notifications, packaging or urgent registered letters among others.

Some of the most used services in the Post Office are Paq Today, Paq Premium and Paq Standard.
These services are widely used for e-commerce mailings, online stores or marketplaces such as Amazon.

Most consulted in the Post Office

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  • Philately

Quality of postal service guaranteed by Correos

At present, Postal Services is a company whose capital is completely owned by the Spanish state. Its workers do not have the status of civil servants but can be considered as public employees when working for a fully publicly owned company.

Until now, it has been considered that it is necessary for a public company to guarantee the postal service in Spain since this is the only way to achieve a frequency of delivery and collection, a quality and efficiency that would be difficult to achieve if it were a private capital company whose purpose is to make a profit. Especially in rural areas where the postman must travel several kilometers to provide this service and in many cases is unsuccessful because of the low volume of communications in relation to the kilometers made.

This quality we are talking about is perfectly verifiable if we contact the customer service telephone service. There they will solve any doubt or consultation that we can have in relation to the postal service. Location of offices, delivery of parcels, letters, products, queries or rates.

At present, a large number of companies specializing in express transport operate in Spain, some of them of great international renown such as DHL, and others that have gained a large dimension in the domestic market such as SEUR or MRW. Another of the high-quality services for citizens, especially in those areas where there are not many services, is the Bancorreos.

This service is currently operated by Deutsche Bank and allows the use of post offices to manage various banking services such as payment of bills, time deposits and money transfers within and outside our borders. All of this is guaranteed with the quality mentioned above. Call the toll-free Post Office for more information.