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From the following article, you can contact the CaixaBank Telephone and talk to its Customer Service Department.

Solve any doubts you may have with the bank by phone.

We also offer other available forms of communication.

Open Línea Abierta CaixaBank la Caixa for mobile phones, credit cards, and loan transfers, claims, and much more.

Freephone CaixaBank

La Caixa, also known as the “Caja de Ahorros & Pension Fund of Barcelona”, with headquarters in Palma de Mallorca since 2017, has several customer services and support numbers.

Customers with La Caixa credit card can contact a special line to solve all their problems.

The CaixaBank phone 900323232 .
Technical assistance 902115007
Credit card assistance 900444333

Telephone support services:

Lost/stolen cards 900444333 / +34935829809
ATM assistance 900300081 / +34935917910
Card assistance 902200202 / +34934953999
CaixaBankNow supports digital banking 902115007 / +34935829801
Health insurance SegurKaisha 935181080
Automatic claims 932753237
Home insurance claims 914894317
Other insurance 902242242
Confirmation 902340350
Retail service (POS, CyberPack and tablet POS) 914353028

Customer Service of CaixaBank

From the customer service department, all clients who need it can contact the bank by phone.

This way, all your doubts about employment, banking services, and products, problems with access to your open account, etc. are resolved.

There are other forms of communication, you can do this through their social media profiles by visiting their website where you can find the contact form and more information about their services.

La Caixa Features

CaixaBank for individuals and legal entities is a digital banking service available for individuals, families, and all types of enterprises and firms.

If you are not yet a client of the bank, you can learn about all its promotions and discounts on family products and loans. Become a client of Caixabank through its website or by phone.

Caixabank loans

Start enjoying the family loan, the loan that allows you to have up to 60,000 euros in your account now, without surprises, quickly, comfortably.

You also have personal loans for your car, home, study, etc..

Other means of communication

You can also go to their website to find more information or visit their social media profiles.

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