Botemania freephone

Botemania Free Phone

Contact with the Botemania’s telephone in a freeway, here you can find the number of attention to the client that the company puts at the disposal of all his clients.
If you are already a user of Botemania and you need to contact the company, do it now.
We will also provide you with other forms of contact available.

(more…) freephone Phone

Here you will get YoBingo’s Phone in a simple way.
We also provide you with the customer service numbers, solve all your questions and request assistance with the online games company.
Have fun making bets online, with exciting games: bingo, roulette, bonuses and with the guarantee and security online.


State Lotteries

If you need to contact the service Customer State Lotteries here are some alternative free phones that you can call and resolve all your queries without your having to dial expensive 902 numbers.

Some of the numbers you find on this page are fixed numbers, which usually begin with 91, 93, 95 or any other area code, and that call is much cheaper than a 902 and can even be free if you have rate flat for such calls as usual at current rates telephony. (more…)

Freephone ONCE

If you have to make inquiries with the National Organization of the Blind of Spain here you are some free phone not have to dial expensive 902 numbers.

It is possible that some of the phone numbers found on this page is not a totally free number, and by that I mean, can you find any phone number that starts with 91 and corresponds to a fixed number of Madrid and which call will be free if we have flat rate for calls to landlines. (more…)