Futbol online

In this Post, you will find the best websites to watch free football that are still open on the internet.
And most importantly, WHAT WORKS! Keep in mind that many times the servers are in other countries than your own.
That’s why you have to find the website that gives you the best image quality, depending on which country you see it in Argentina, Mexico, Spain, etc.

We all know that online football, whether free or not, generates a lot of expectation among people. There are many reasons why you might want to watch a free online football game.
Among them: that you live in a country where they don’t broadcast your team’s matches, because you don’t have a TV at home, etc.

Do you know the best sites to watch football FREE Online Live?

Many times the web links to watch the matches are broken, or not all matches are broadcast. You won’t get that in this article.
I update it every week to give you 100% quality content.

Although it’s true that nothing replaces the feeling of watching a game on the pitch, with your children, friends or partner…
Don’t you think that from home you can enjoy a few beers much more?
There is a difference with TV or radio, but it is certainly worth it to me.
I recommend using them to watch football openly, always legally.

To be honest, I think there is a good online compilation of the best digital platforms for soccer.
Take advantage of it.
The list for watching football online is open, so if you know of one that isn’t, you can comment on it and add it.

It is true that some media want to close them down, for economic reasons.
For this reason, I would like to point out that I only name them for information purposes, never inviting them to be used illegally.
So…. why not do a collection of platforms to watch free football? Without further ado, and making my message clear, let’s get to it:

List where to watch soccer games online | Free and live

We started with the best list of free soccer viewing sites on the Internet today and yesterday.
You can find the digital platforms that best suit your needs and view them in streaming without any risk. Without further ado, we start with the list for live football:

Roja Directa 

It is the page par excellence of the digital platforms to watch football for free.
He has been providing all the matches played in Europe and South America for over 8 years now, with a quality that is not to be blamed for.

It is also very intuitive and easy to use.
You enter the portal and can watch all the matches that were broadcast that day, with their schedules.
It has summaries, recorded games, and press conferences.

You can watch the matches from different leagues, from Spain to Argentina to England.
In short, you have everything you want. The most remarkable thing is the stability it provides and the quality of its videos and broadcasts.


After Roja Directa, for me the best option on the internet.
You can have more than 20 channels where you can even enjoy two or three games at the same time.
It’s very intuitive, and it rarely hangs.

You have the option to watch the games for free from your tablet or phone as the website is adaptable to all devices.
Which is appreciated if you are not at home and play your team.

As on many other digital platforms, they are subsidized by advertising.
You’ll have to wait a few seconds for it to come off.
Once it’s finished, you close the window and… enjoy!

In other categories of the website you can also watch for free and online: tennis, basketball, golf and many more sports.
Although its main attraction is today’s football.
As I said before, it is one’s responsibility to use it.


Platform with a wide variety of free football and today and yesterday.
It gathers the best matches of each week, where all the results are detailed.

It is certainly a very important option to consider.
It’s a directory.
Here you can watch the channels that broadcast the matches at the required time.

Although it’s not what we’re looking for, it can be a good option in case you can’t watch the football games online, come down to the bar at the right time.

Ver DirectoTV

It is not only oriented to football, but you can watch the most important TV channels in the world, including the channels where they broadcast free football today.

The digital platform is quick and easy, you enter, decide and connect to the channel you want to watch.
As in many of the others, you skip some advertising screens, close them without any problem and enjoy the game.
Although they have live matches, I always recommend using it to watch games on a deferred basis.


Sometimes their channels fail, and it is seen a few minutes late, but it is an alternative if the other platforms for watching free football do not work.
It is simple and intuitive to use.
For open-ended matches, which is how I recommend its use, it works perfectly.

When links do not fail, the image is good and stable.
That’s why I wanted to recommend you on the list. As a rule, you can use it without any problems.
Enjoy it!


This digital platform is aimed at broadcasting the matches in Spain, and you have all the qualifiers for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

In addition to broadcasting free football games, you can enjoy other top-level sports matches.
Such as NBA games, European and Spanish basketball, Formula 1, tennis and the Olympics.
As in the previous ones, it is easy to use: in the Programming tab, click on it to see a few seconds of advertising and enjoy the game.
I recommend its use for open games, such as the Copa del Rey final.

Futbol ARG

This website is also very intuitive.
You enter and get all the free live and free matches (recommended) that are divided by country.
It loads very well and is relatively safe.
A highly recommended option if you are looking to watch free football.

Sport CategoryTV

This is a great place to watch football matches live and free of charge (recommended). Before it was the famous Sports Lemon TV but they closed it and opened this more complete and stable one.
Although it is in English it is very intuitive and you will have no problem finding what you are looking for.

In addition to being simple, it is also very practical, since you can change the language of the comments from the video.
Just one click away, and an announcement, you can enjoy all your team’s games for free.


Digital platform specialized in live sports free of charge and online, I recommend using it to watch open games, legally.
On the free website, they broadcast various types of sport.
From typical Spanish games to German second division hockey.

It is a complete channel and a very important alternative to consider.
In my opinion, it has the best content after direct red.
Sometimes the server fails a little because for certain events the web goes down.
It doesn’t usually happen, but every once in a while you run into a complication.


I have no doubt that this website is the best if what you are looking for is information, both in video and in the text, about the past in football in your country and in other leagues.
It includes everything related to the day of European leagues, Champions or national teams, including the world and European ones.

Gives you mini-resumes, or repeated matches.
Summaries of the most important matches can be viewed from the hour after the end of the match. He also gives you press conferences from coaches and comments from post-match players.

It also transmits the previews and comments on what may happen at the meeting.
Chronicles are often very professional and a pleasure to read.
You can tell they’re passionate about football.