ASNEF Equifax freephone

Contact the ASNEF Telephone to request information from the company.
If you need to leave the ASNEF Equifax file, you have received a letter and you want to exercise your rights of elimination, consult all the doubts by telephone or from the company’s website.
We also offer other forms of free contact such as profiles on social networks, contact forms, etc..

Equifax ASNEF telephone

Here we indicate the ASNEF Telephone for free.
You can contact them by calling the number below.


C/ Velasco 64 – 66, 2º, 28001 – Madrid

ASNEF file

The ASNEF file is a database owned by the Asociación Nacional de Establecimientos Financieros de Crédito, owned by the Equifax group.
Its objective is the organization of a file on delinquency, its information is provided by the members of the association.
The ASNEF file covers all financial products throughout Spain.
The file is regulated by article 29 of Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data.


You can consult your data in the files for free.
This is a completely free exercise to consult your data in the file.
Equifax never charges for attending the exercises of Rights and information.
Be wary of sites that ask you to pay an invoice for consulting your information in the ASNEF file.

Equifax Rights to the information contained in ARCOL Rights
If you have received a letter from ASNEF Equifax, you can consult their data by entering your reference number along with your ID / NIF. You can also contact the Equifax ASNEF telephone number, which is indicated in the article.
ASNEF Equifax Cancellation Request

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