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✅ Telephone Appointment DNI Madrid ✅

Contact now with the phone number for DNI Pre-appointment in Madrid.
We show you all the information so you can renew your National Identity Card, request a new ID, contact us for questions and doubts and more.

Request an appointment for your Madrid ID card

You can renew or apply for the first time the ID card by calling 24 hours a day at 060 .
It is not a free phone, count on your telecommunication company what will be the cost of calling the phone.

DNI Madrid Customer Service Hours

The opening hours are from Monday to Friday from 9h to 19h. Saturdays from 9h to 14h.

Prices for Renewing your ID card

The fees or prices for issuing and renewing the ID card are 12 The price for renewing the DNI in Madrid is 12 euros.

Request an appointment for your DNI in Madrid through the Web

Now we show you the links you must access to apply for the renewal of your ID card in Madrid by appointment.
Request your appointment through the following links to the ministry’s website.
Whether you have lost your ID or it needs to be renewed.
The process of requesting an appointment for your DNI is free. Once you go to the center to renew your ID, you will have to pay the fixed fee, which is usually 12 euros.

Request an appointment for the DNI through the ministry’s website.
Loss of national identity card.