A3 In this text, you will find the telephone number of Antena 3 ✅ , as well as the other ways to contact the network.

Antena 3 Toll-Free Telephone Number

Antena 3 is a private Spanish television channel. It began broadcasting in late 1989.

Today it belongs to Atresmedia, which, together with Mediaset, are the two most important communication groups in our country.

Talk to Antena 3 Customer Care

The toll-free number for Antena 3 is 916230500. By calling that phone number, and asking for the corresponding department, you can contact whoever you want.

It is a telephone number for Madrid, as its headquarters is there (specifically at Avda. Isla Graciosa 13. San Sebastián de Los Reyes, Madrid), so if you have a flat rate service on your mobile or landline, you will not pay for that call.

However, if you want the phone number of Antena 3 in a particular location and not the location, you should look for the phone number of each location separately, as each location has its own phone number and address.

You can also call the main phone number and discuss which of the locations you want to talk to.

Other ways to contact Antena 3

In addition to the free telephone number provided, you can also contact Antena 3’s customer service department by e-mail at verte@atresmedia.com for advertising purposes, or at fundacion@fundacionatresmedia.org for corporate social responsibility issues.

Each one of the programs and series of the channel also has its own contact, to attend as an audience, to compete, etc.

To do this, you must search the website for the program you are interested in and find its contact details.

Antena 3 Social Networks

Antena 3 has profiles on the main social networks, although the two most important are Facebook and Twitter.

Both are updated regularly and periodically. The publications of these networks are the news of general interest, corporate information, highlights of some programs, etc.

Being a national television channel, and with many followers, contacting Antena 3 customer service through social networks has some impact. We recommend that you do so as a result of a posting on Facebook, or directly on your wall. As with the telephone, each program has its own social network.

A spectator can be a fan of El Hormiguero, Ahora Cargo or Allí Abajo without having to be a fan of Antena 3.

Therefore, if you want to contact someone in particular, you must search for them individually. In addition, depending on the type of program, more importance is given to one platform or another.