Animal Party ✅ is a business concept of American origin that arrived in Spain in 2009 as a pioneering company in the children’s leisure sector.
It is characterized by the realization in its leisure centers of activities and workshops adapted to each age, and all the children attending will take home a teddy bear or the experiment they have made as a souvenir.

Do you need the phone number for Animal Party?

The headquarters of Animal Party S.L. is located in Madrid, but this company does not offer a telephone to connect directly with it.
To contact their customer service department you will have to write to the following email address:

Leisure centres: Animal Party currently has leisure centres open in the following 10 provinces: Álava, Almería, Asturias, Baleares, Coruña, Jaén, Madrid, Salamanca, Sevilla and Valladolid.
To find the one closest to your home, open the “Leisure centers” tab on the main page of the Animal Party website and activate the link to the province of your choice in the displayed window.
The screen will show the centers with their address and the telephone number and e-mail address to contact them.

Animal Party Customer Service

At Animal Party’s leisure centers children can participate in the following activities:
Children’s birthdays
Children’s parties at home
Camps – Camps
Weddings, communions, and baptisms
Special gifts.

Find out more about the characteristics of these activities by opening the “Birthdays and activities” tab on the home page of the Animal Party website and activate the link you are interested in in the window that appears.
And you know, if you have any questions you can contact us with the e-mail address we have provided above.

Solve your questions about Animal Party through the Internet

To learn more about the features of Animal Party’s entertainment centers, open the “About Us” tab and click on “Frequently Asked Questions” in the open window.