If you need to contact Allianz Insurance by phone here you can find the free Allianz Contact phone number that the company offers to all its customers.

Looking for the Allianz Toll-Free Number?

To contact their customer service department you can call the Allianz number we give you.

If you are an Allianz insurance company customer and would like to contact their customer service department, here are a number of free numbers as long as you are calling from a flat rate landline or mobile phone or free calls to domestic landlines. Call Allianz toll free and answer your questions.

Allianz Customer Service Number

To contact the customer service department of Allianz Seguros, you can call 932277596. It is a customer service number for all your customers.
The insurer has a free telephone line for its Home and Casualty Insurance clients. The number is 900430043 and can be called during working hours throughout the week.

Finally, there is a travel assistance hotline, the number is 900117117.
These are the phones you can call to contact Allianz on the free phone. See also special offers and rates for SMEs and the self-employed.

Call Allianz Roadside Assistance

Need a tow truck for your car? On the Allianz phone, you will be able to request a tow truck for your vehicle. Remember to put on the reflective vest, place yourself in a safe area, place the triangles 10 steps from the car and call 914522912. Follow the directions on the phone.

In Allianz car insurance you have one of the policies best valued by its users. Check out the coverages on the free Allianz phone number.

Most consulted

  • Allianz phone insurance
  • Extraordinary Claims or Weather Events
  • Free attention for eClients
  • Epac Allianz
  • Allianz roadside assistance
  • Traffic Fines
  • Allianz Legal Advice

Contact Allianz Telephone

Now you know how to contact Allianz by phone for free, we will also explain how to do it by other means such as social networks and the insurance company’s own website.

Many companies allow you to contact their customer service departments from the company’s own website, they usually have a contact form where you can request information for free.
Another possibility is to consult the company from their profiles on social networks: Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.

If you would like to request information about ePac Allianz, you will find it in the number. ePac is the web platform for mediators and suppliers. It serves to facilitate the commercial work of the agents to their clients.

More information about the insurance company

The German insurance company Allianz is one of the largest companies in the sector from all over the world. It has more than 75 million customers in more than 70 countries. Among the insurances, we can take out our home, cars, motorcycles, and mopeds. Since it is such a large company, it has significant stakes in other companies and is in turn owned by other large companies, mainly German.

It has created Allianz e-client, is the area for users to manage their policies and carry out their procedures comfortably.

Contact Allianz Colombia and Mexico

The company has a specific number for its customers in Mexico and Colombia, the number is 01800111111200 If you have had any mishaps are your vehicle, either this car or motorcycle insured with Allianz insurance, you may need some number of information to request a tow truck or roadside assistance.

You can call the toll-free telephone numbers proposed on this page for any questions, whether you want to contact the legal department, or consult the medical chart of your health insurance or which medical centre you should contact if you have had a medical emergency and are not at your usual address or are travelling in any of the major cities in Spain, Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia or any other city.

Any of the Allianz professionals who answer your call will be able to answer all these questions and handle any questions regarding your policy, whether it is a billing query, a complaint or claim, how to report a part of your home insurance or simply what you need to do to cancel your insurance with Allianz.

In Spain, it has an important headquarters in the Allianz building in Barcelona. At the same time, it is a company that has tried to make many sponsorships in sports entities, such as the sponsorship of the formula 1 Williams team as well as the Allianz Arena stadium.



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