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Air Nostrum Telephones 961960200

The company Air Nostrum was created in 1994 in the locality of Valencia, being initially its name Air Nostrum Aéreas del Mediterráneo.
It currently has more than 77,000 flights and has also become the leading regional aviation airline in Spain and is also considered to be one of the largest in Europe.

It has private capital and has been operating for the Iberia Group under the regional brand Iberia Regional Air Nostrum since 1997.
This is an agreement that meant for the company a considerable increase in the number of passengers. At the same time, Iberia now has two large traffic distribution centers throughout Spain, one located in Barcelona and the other in Madrid.

Air Nostrum’s flight schedules allow for a global connection with the rest of the operations carried out by the Iberia Group, so you have the possibility to travel making short time transfers.

Flying with Air Nostrum

The airline was created in 1994 and began operations in December 1994.
This airline was owned by Denim Air between 1999 and 2002.
However, in May 1997 Air Nostrum entered into a franchise agreement with the Iberia Group.
Through this agreement, Air Nostrum’s flights were marketed by Iberia and integrated into its large network.

Several new routes were inaugurated and frequencies were also increased in others that were already there, going from less than 250 flights a week in 1995 to almost 3,000 by 2006, which has made it one of the main airlines in Spain.

Rates and Services

Business Class offers a special service that will allow you to enjoy the differentiated check-in counters, access to VIP lounges, a greater baggage allowance, more Avios points, a careful and select service on board with Iberian products and D.O., variety of reading on board for free throughout the day and in addition to the reception of preferential luggage.
In each and every one of the company’s aircraft, the Business Class is located in the front seats, with the exception of the ATR-72 units in which the Business Class occupies the rear seats, i.e. those closest to the door.
The gastronomy service is served only using porcelain crockery, with stainless steel cutlery, as well as glasses and crystal glasses.
In addition, breakfast is made using local artisanal pastries and snacks use a wide variety of sandwiches, which are carefully prepared with the highest standards of hygiene and are also made with high-quality products.
Air Nostrum also offers mini-baguette with Iberian products with D.O., among others, which are accompanied by a large selection of nuts and a wide variety of beverages, which include soft drinks, natural juice, wine, cava, and alcoholic beverages.
So that you can enjoy the flight with all your senses, Air Nostrum has designed a menu that is adapted to the satisfaction of all tastes, which aims to meet the demand of passengers at any time of day, whether it is a meal for a flight in the hours of breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner, or simply as an aperitif or snack.

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Address: Avda. Comarques del País Valencià, 2. 46930 Quart de Poblet, Valencia. Spain.






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