Affinity Petcare freephone

Affinity Petcare Phone

Do not miss the opportunity to call Affinity Petcare’s Phone.
The leader in pet food.
Thanks to its quality products, the health of pets are strengthened and highly benefited.
By calling their toll-free number, you will get information about the types of feed they have, the composition of their feed, the benefits of wet food, allergen-free food, high in protein and different foods for puppies.

Affinity Petcare Toll-Free Phone

Through the telephone number of this pet food company, you will be able to contact their switchboard.
There, you will find professionals who can inform you of everything you need and resolve doubts about what type of feed or wet food is best for your pet.
They will adapt to your needs and those of your pet, so you can be sure that you will receive professional advice. It’s also a free number, so you can spend as much time as you want because the call will be completely free.

You can contact them from 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Monday to Friday.

Affinity Petcare Customer Service

Through the contact number, you will get all the information you were looking for.
But remember that this company wants to provide you with everything so that you can contact them, at any time and in any way.
So it offers you a website where you can find out about the different brands it works with.
Also, you can follow them on their social networks and know all their steps as a company and the benefits it brings to pets. But they also have a contact form to find specific information, if you need it.

What products Affinity Petcare offers

This food brand, it’s not a brand like that. Rather, it is a company that works with several brands, recognized internationally.
So, you can find among their products, the following brands:

  • Advance
  • Last
  • Brekkies
  • Bon Menu
  • Libra

And among those brands, you can find different types of products that suit the needs of your dogs, cats or other pets you have:

  • Dry food through feed or croquettes of different flavors, based on fish or meat
  • Wet feeding, with sauces or gelatines, for the pet’s enjoyment.
  • Food for dogs, cats or other pets
  • Milk for cats, either for the smallest to the most adult
  • Healthy snacks to supplement your diet
  • Foods for the care of the stomach, teeth or coat
  • Varied sweets, to give you a reward
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Wet fodder and food adapted to your needs: kidney, heart, digestive system, teeth…
  • Products intended for animals that are sterilized
  • Other products so you can control or lose weight

Other ways to contact Affinity

Through the phone number, you can get the information you were looking for.
But it also has a series of links of the most interesting that you can access by clicking:

Web Affinity
Twitter Affinity
Instagram Affinity
Email Affinity