Free Phone Adamo

✅ Adamo ✅ is a mobile telephony provider that presents itself as the future of telecommunications providers in Spain.
They have their own fiber optic infrastructure so they can provide high-speed Internet service to both residential and business customers.
They offer the highest quality and prices that are truly competitive.

Adamo Toll-Free Number

They have their own Backbone to operate and have offices in Madrid and Barcelona.
It is possible that you need to know Adamo’s telephone number, you will find it in the following lines.

What is Adamo’s telephone number?

Adamo was founded in Sweden in 2004.
The company was dedicated to offering high-speed Internet access to individuals.
It is the first operator to give access to the 1 Gbit/s Network.
It is a company that helps greatly in the development of its sector.
In 2007 it arrives in Spain and together with the Government of Asturias they launch a pilot project to provide Internet to the populations of the mining basin.
In addition, it does it with a very attractive tariff, 35 euros per month with national calls included.

If you need to talk to the company you may wonder if it has a free Adamo, yes and it is this 900838770.
The call will not have cost regardless of whether you make it from a fixed or from a mobile.

Talk to Adamo Customer Care

If you want to contact Adamo’s customer service, but without using the telephone, you can write an email to their email address:
The answer is not so immediate to the one received in a call, but it can be a valid option in some circumstances.

Online contact with Adamo

On the Adamo website, you can access information that will be of great interest to you.
For example, you’ll find the operator’s social networks.
It is a very interesting way to receive updated information from the company and also to contact it.

On the website, you will find the address of their two offices.
The Madrid office is located on Avenida de Bruselas, at number 15, in Alcobendas.
The office in Barcelona is located at C/ Llacuna, number 22.

Another very interesting option offered by the website is to find the supplier closest to your home.
You will find it thanks to its search engine, in which you will receive information by entering your city and province.
So don’t forget to visit Adamo‘s website.









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