Let’s take a look at ✅ ABC’s free phone number and how to contact its customer service department.
This company has been in existence for over 100 years and is one of the leading newspapers in Spain, with outstanding editions in several locations, including the original, Madrid, and Seville.

What is the ABC phone number?


ABC’s phone number is 902334555, and it is not a toll-free number.
That is to say, any type of query you may have about the publication, its arrival in different parts of Spain, where the editions closest to your location are written and printed and so on, you have to contact the number we have just given you.

But also the attention of the ABC reader focused on its subscribers works meanwhile on the number 901334554.
Therefore, if you want to obtain information about issues such as ABC online, ABC paper, publications and points of sale of the newspaper or any of its other products, you need to contact this line during opening hours, which of course are Monday to Friday during working hours.


Other ABC phone numbers


On the other hand, to communicate with the newspaper’s editorial staff, you have to call 902334556, which is not free either, where you can give your opinion on the columns, news, edition, etc.

Remember that all these telephone numbers for contacting this newspaper have special 902 and 901 rates, and are therefore more expensive than those for national geographic rates and have a premium on the cost of the call, which is particularly high in 902.


Other ways to contact ABC customer service


The company’s headquarters, if you are interested in coming to its offices and newsroom, is a method of physical attention from the newspaper that complements the above-mentioned numbers.
In this case, the main office is located at 7 Juan Ignacio Luca de Tena Street, in Madrid.
Of course, it corresponds to the central edition of the newspaper.

We also have the possibility of consulting the persons in charge of this firm via their fax number.
In this particular case we are talking about the number 913399050, so if you prefer to communicate by this means, you know where to do it.

And if you prefer to use email, write to abcdiario@abc.es, suscriptores@abc.es or cartas@abc.es according to your needs.


ABC’s social networks


This company, as one of the main periodical publications in Spain, has a presence in social networks.
ABC offers us attention through its official profiles on both Twitter and Facebook.





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