Freephone Riazor Stadium

Did you know that the Riazor Stadium Tuene a capacity of 34,600 spectators? We talk about the stadium of Real Club Deportivo Coruna is located in the city of La Coruna. It was opened in 1944 and has since hosted three matches of the World Cup in Spain in 1982 and the final of the Cup of Spain 1947. Learn more interesting facts calling phone Riazor Stadium to find this post. (more…)

Freephone Vodafone Self

Here you can find all the numbers phone Vodafone Self serving customer or technical support among others. Perfectly we know how important it is for self always connected and that nothing goes wrong in your business, thereby contacting the service Autonomous Vodafone will be able to resolve any problems that arise quickly and effectively. (more…)

Freephone Appointment Hacienda León

State Tax Administration Agency, known as Tax Agency is the public body responsible for managing the tax system and state customs and resources of the government. In each province there is a delegation and several administrations which can go to process your tax arrangements. However, it is useful to know the phone Hacienda Appointment with Leon if you live in this province. (more…)

Freephone CCOO

Here you will find free phones for both affiliated and non – affiliated union CCOO. If you want to join one of the largest unions in Spain you can call one of the numbers that we propose and fill in the membership form . When we talk about free phones must differentiate between numbers without cost , such as those beginning with 900 or 800 unlike the Special Charges or 902 numbers that do have a cost which can inform your telephone company, and moreover we have fixed numbers will be free only call them when we hired a flat fee for unlimited calls to landlines. (more…)

Freephone Ferrovial

Whether you’re a customer, employee or investor group Ferrovial , you will find free phones Customer and the various departments to be able to answer your queries without having to dial expensive 902 numbers.

Here are some telephone numbers for the company, which are not completely free since it is not an 900 number, but about numbers beginning with 91 and therefore only be free in case we have with our telephone company a flat rate for calls to landlines. (more…)