Freephone Makro

If you are a customer of Makro and want to contact your Customer Service or one of its distribution centers in Spain here you will find free phones so you do not have to spend money on calls to 901 or 902 numbers.

We speak of free phones to refer not only to numbers beginning with 900 or 800 but also to fixed numbers that can start with 91, as in the case of Makro in Madrid, 93 or 95, and that will only be free to call if we have a flat rate for such calls. (more…)

Freephone State Lotteries

If you need to contact the service Customer State Lotteries here are some alternative free phones that you can call and resolve all your queries without your having to dial expensive 902 numbers.

Some of the numbers you find on this page are fixed numbers, which usually begin with 91, 93, 95 or any other area code, and that call is much cheaper than a 902 and can even be free if you have rate flat for such calls as usual at current rates telephony. (more…)

Freephone Quote Lambide previous Donostia

If you want to contact the public agency INEM in the Basque Country, you can do through your Lambide in Donostia . We provide all important. We also give you information about the essential way to access physical office and how to make an appointment in Lambide in Donostia online and by phone. (more…)

Freephone Pepper

We show below the phone Pepper . This company is one of the world ‘s leading references of personal finance companies within Spain. It has over a decade of successful management of all types of consumer loans or adapted to the needs of your business internationally, like American Express. (more…)

Freephone Roadside Assistance Helvetia

If you are a customer of Helvetia Insurance and because of a breakdown or accident needs Roadside Assistance service , here are some free phones that can call and thus save the cost of calls to expensive numbers 902. You can access information on this page to free numbers (900) but also to phones that correspond to national fixed numbers, which are not free except that our fee allows us unlimited flat rate or fixed numbers such calls. (more…)